Photo of whole faculty at opening faculty orientation 2019 We value our collaborative community, which is an essential catalyst for academic growth, physical and emotional well being, and artistic expression. Class of 2018
We value strong relationships characterized by mutual respect and trust. We value an awareness of and engagement with the world that compels students to active lives of service.

We value compassion and inclusivity that create an environment where students are enriched by their differences and diversity is celebrated. Parent Volunteer

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Parent Feedback for In-Person Instruction Options for Grades 6-12 Parent Survey
Reopening Updates Reopening Updates

Updated 4/17/2021

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WCS Plans A and B Reopening Plans A_B

Currently, North Carolina's public schools are allowed to operate under the following plans:

Plan A: In-Person instruction with social distancing recommended but not required.  

Plan B: A hybrid approach that offers a mix of in-person and remote instruction.  Six-feet distancing required during in-person. 

Plan C: Remote instruction.  (Available to elementary, middle, and high school students.)

To learn more about Plans A and B, please go here.

Reopening F.A.Q. Reopening FAQ

Click here for a Reopening F.A.Q. based on questions we've recently received from parents and students.

Updated 3/26/21.




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